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WARNING: Some Merchants Are Going To Hate You For This!


"Controversial Marketer Reveals The Exact Methods He Uses To Make an Absolute Killing Promoting Affiliate Programs Without Risky Pay Per Click Advertising or Complicated Search Engine Optimization Techniques"



"I wish I had read this guide before blowing over $2,000 on Google Adwords!"


George’s new product is exactly what all beginning Affiliate marketers should read.


This is a no-nonsense 35 page guide that provides several creative ways to get traffic to your site.


The best thing I like about these methods are they Free, Easy to do, and Get instant results.


George has obviously gone to the "school of hard knocks" and reveals traffic generation tips that I haven't seen from any other guru.


Overall, I highly recommend all marketers get this report because it'll give you different ways of promoting affiliate products with no budget.


Chris Wong


"Discover The Simple Techniques That Will Bring Dirt Cheap and Even 100% Free Traffic To Your Website Within Minutes That Can Have You Profit in Less Than 24 Hours 100% Guaranteed!"







From the Desk of:
Mary Gregory


Dear Frustrated Internet Marketer,




You have tried promoting an affiliate product in the past. You sent good traffic to the affiliate site but made just 1 or 2 sales (or zero sales).


You have tried promoting an affiliate product in the past. But you didn't manage to generate more than 5-10 visitors to the affiliate site.


You have tried promoting an affiliate product in the past. You made good commissions. But you paid so much in advertising that you barely broke even - or even worse, you lost money


You have purchased ebook after ebook after ebook. They all promise a great money making "system". But when you try to apply the system, it's really more complicated than it sounded - and it only appears to work for "others."


You are tired of waiting weeks and months before you start seeing any results after you optimize a website for the search engines.


You are sick and tired of Google changing their rules all the time - but you don't know how else to promote your offers - so you "swallow it" and keep fighting the good fight - even though you feel that this is a dead end.


You feel frustrated and uncertain of the future - even though you know that you are worth way more than you are getting paid right now (at your job or in your home-based business).




I have good news for you!


AffiliateRescue: Make Money Online - on a Budget! contains very few simple but devastatingly effective ways to make a living online.


These methods:


- Are free or extremely cheap to use
- Start showing results instantly
- Are very simple to implement

Granted, you will not become a millionaire by using these tactics. But, if you want to make an extra $1,000, $3,000, $5000 or more per month in a safe way, then this guide is for you.


Then, you can use these profits to further build your business (like buy advertising or outsource some of the work). Or, you can just keep using the same techniques since they work like a charm. It's your choice.


I have been marketing online for over 6 years. I have had some great successes as well as some miserable failures. But, whatever I did, I always took note of what worked (and why) and what didn't work (and why).



  • How to start when you have almost no money: bankrupt, broke and on the run. Right now, you may be having financial difficulties. I will give you some smart ideas to get out of this unpleasant situation (without robbing a bank).

  • How to find affiliate programs to promote. You will discover the easiest ways to find affiliate programs worth promoting - as well as some little-known products that pay well but not many people promote.

  • How to promote affiliate products online – the right way. Let the controversy begin. I will show you how to "tinker" with the merchant's site and increase your affiliate commissions 100%, 200% or more. Some of these methods ain' pretty - but they work like gang busters...

  • How to get preferential treatment from merchants. I will show you how to negotiate higher commissions from merchants - without sounding needy. These methods are pretty evil, if I say so myself...

  • Email marketing and how to create killer follow up messages that make you money on autopilot. You may have read entire "bibles" on email marketing. I will give you in a couple of pages what you really need to keep in mind. Do this, do that.

  • How to use forums to kick-start your promotions, test your marketing message, make sales, build credibility in your market and build a list. Oh, and if you think you know how to REALLY market on forums, don't bet your house on it :-)

  • How to tap into the online service "Yahoo Answers" to gain market intelligence and tap into people who are ready to buy your product. Almost everyone is "working the system" the wrong way! I'll show you how it's really done.

  • How to get on the first page of the search engines for the best possible terms. And no, this has got nothing to do with "long tail" keywords or building "content sites". We are lazy so we'll take a shortcut that results in less work and more money! (now that's my kinda system :-).

  • And much, much more!




12 Pages of Bonus Material Just Added!



As Known As The GURU Piggyback



By this time next week, you will be raking in cool commissions running your own affiliate business.


I've uncovered how some smart affiliates are making a killing online selling other people's products....


  • How to get started and profit in 7 days or less.

  • The best kinds of products to promote using this method

  • Discover the 8 traffic techniques I use.

  • Ride on the popularity of GURUS to promote your own business

  • Choose domain names that will speed up your success rate




24 Minutes of Video Just Added!

Affiliate Marketing Revealed


95% Off People Fail At Affiliate Marketing... Be the Other 5%!

What you need is an edge, and playing the game also means that there are risks involved no matter how well you play.


What you must learn is the solution to the most simple yet most complex equation that marketers in general are faced with. Minimize the risks, maximize the profit, and repeating it.


  • What is Affiliate Marketing and why you should become an Affiliate Marketer

    Affiliate Marketing is one the quickest ways for you to start a home-based Internet business without producing your own products, worry about staying up late to take care of customer service, inventory, overheads, and more. You are selling other people's products and earning commissions that reward you.

  • Things Every Newbie Should Know Before Becoming an Affiliate Marketer

    Don't know where to start? Signing up with too many E-newsletters to find the best way to make money in this industry? Stop right there. Everything has a starting point, but being a newbie doesn’t have to be scary. Don't overwhelm yourself and you will learn five tips you need to know before getting up and running.

  • Different Types of Affiliate Marketing Revenue Sources

    There is not just one way to make money in Affiliate Marketing; in fact there are many more. The question that may be in your mind is what type of affiliate program should you choose? Which one is better for you? ...and which was is not the best for you? You'll learn how to figure that out.

  • How to Find the Right Affiliate Program to Join

    Finding the right affiliate program that you are passionate about can be frustrating. There are thousands of affiliate programs out there, so which one should you choose? It can be a challenge when you don't know where to start, but you'll learn how to quickly pinpoint programs that are right for you so you can be passionate about them.

  • How You Can Find The Best Affiliate Programs

    Finding the highest converting and reliable affiliate program is very important because you are going to be putting your hard work into promoting the affiliate program. Not only do you want to find something you believe in, but you'll want to be making a good profit from it.

  • 5 Reasons why people fail in Affiliate Marketing

    As you learned earlier, m
    ore than 95% of people starting as affiliate marketers fail and you'll learn 5 reasons so you can avoid them to increase your success.

  • 4 Ways to succeed in Affiliate Marketing with a Website

    Having a
    website is vital to branding your name on the Internet. As a matter of fact, having a website or landing page can often increase your conversions vs. not have a website at all. Not having a website it not required however, but you'll learn 4 ways that you can succeed with one.

  • 4 Ways to succeed in Affiliate Marketing without a Website

    A website is definitely recommended, but it is not always mandatory. You'll learn a few ways to succeed without a website.

  • Using Affiliate Programs to make Long Term Residual Income

    If you don't know what residual income is, then you are missing out. You see...instead of earning a commission for one time sales, you can make continuous commissions on a monthly, quarterly, continuing basis. Looking to a long term residual income will save you time and allow you to increase your profits down the road.

  • How to Protect and Cloak Your Affiliate Links

    There are thieves out there on the Internet who can steal your commission. Don't worry, there are ways to protect your affiliate links, but you need to know this right away. You can cloak or hide your affiliate links with short redirects.





If I started marketing online all over again - without any "marketing buddies" to help me, without a list and with almost no money left, this is the exact system I would use to start making online NOW.






"I wished you had not shared some of the online marketing secrets..."


Good, short and well written report!


Initially, I wished you had not shared some of the online marketing secrets based on the principles of leverage and human psychology because I have to react faster now.


But on second thought, it is a matter of time the little nuggets will be out. If it is not you, it would be someone else revealing it. Marketers who are profiting from it will have to share their pies now.


I won't be surprised if a few people find some techniques you are sharing questionable, black hat and hard to swallow. But you know what, these are exactly what experienced affiliate marketers do in the competitive online world. I am not saying I approve them but that is the reality which even white hat marketers have to be aware of to keep an eye on who they are competing.


Your traffic techniques are simple enough for people new in this business to follow, perhaps including a section on generating traffic via eBay would make it perfect. Anyone who says you need JV buddies and a deep pocket for paid advertising to start marketing and earning online should get a copy and read it. :-)


Adam Lok



"I can use the idea to help me

create free publicity"


Hi, George.


Your new product has a very good point.


Now I can use the idea to help me create free publicity.


Have a nice day.


Dr. Steven Lee (Ph.D)
#1 Best-Selling Author of Creating Wealth in Stock Market



"There isn't any rocket science, everybody can fulfill this plan"


I wasn't concerned with affiliate marketing till now because it was of little use for me. But George's book shows it at a different angle.


It is a solid material without any water or blah. George suggests an exact algorithm, simple but comprehensive plan of actions. There isn't any rocket science, everybody can fulfill this plan.


I've read many ebooks about affiliate marketing before. Some of them contained almost nothing but twaddle. Others suggested rather complicated schemas, such as building websites optimized for hundreds of keywords. I simply hadn't enough patience for that sort of work.


George shows how to drive substantial traffic by optimizing website for one key phrase only!


Now I want to try my affiliate marketing using what I've learned from George. I wish I have this book a couple of years before.


Alexander Yurgelenas



"If you don't hear from me for awhile, at least you will know why"


Just finished reading your new product and I must say that I enjoyed what I learned from it.


Until reading this report I had never really been given such detailed information on creating my signature file. Now I have many ideas swimming inside my head! So much to do-so little time.


The part about adding tracking links was most interesting simply because of the simplicity involved. Who needs a special piece of software (read 'expensive') to accomplish what you just stated in 3 short paragraphs?


And now I have to start working on the information that you gave on Squidoo since I just created 2 new lenses.


If you don't hear from me for awhile, at least you will know why now.


Thanks once more for a great source of information.


Gary Graham



"Your "right way" of setting up affiliate promotion is sneaky, but brilliant!"


I've always enjoyed your different perspective on things and this time wasn't different. Your "right way" of setting up affiliate promotion is sneaky, but brilliant! I will definitely use it soon, specially the domain and the redirection trick. (I figured I've been loosing every 6th sale on Clickbank due to stolen commissions!).


I completely agree about the part about posting on forums - I still get visitors from a post I did 7 years ago! And the Yahoo Answers bit is brilliant and I'm definitely going to use it.


Chris Gozdzik
Dowsing Secrets Revealed.
"Everything you need to know about DOWSING to make your life easier!"



"Hard hitting and informative based on real life experience, absolutely.."


Not only did the content exceed my expectations, I was blown away by the no holds barred approach to the subjects included.


- a bit controversial, perhaps...


- hard hitting and informative based on real life experience, absolutely..


- wordy BS, added fluff and hype, none at all..


George, I spent many years as a tradesman, and I've always said that there is a world of difference between a person who knows a trade, and a person who knows how to make a living with that trade.


Anyone who knows you as an internet marketer George, knows that you know your stuff, and the Make Money on a Budget report speaks volumes to that fact.


I particularly found the parts on the use of Forums and Yahoo Answers as valuable marketing tools to be quite an eye opener as ways to generate vast amounts of 'free' qualified traffic to one's website. There is a wealth of information contained (both do's and don'ts) in these sections that will benefit every online marketer whose is serious about their online business.


I look forward to your affiliate program so I can practice what you preach.




Dale T.



"Your method of getting product owners to cough up more than the "official" affilliate commission for selling their product is hard boiled brilliance"


I for one am so glad to have had the opportunity to review your exciting new product, "Make Money -on A Budget!". The ebook is written with your blood of battle worn experience as a clear view road map for budding internet marketers with advertising budgets on life support to finally get some money coming through the door after many failed attempts to grab the slipery internet brass ring.


I especially like your under the radar methods of generating quality traffic from niche authority forums without spending twenty hours a day being a post junkie!


And your method of getting product owners to cough up more than the "official" affilliate commission for selling their product is hard boiled brilliance. It's rather oblvious once explained, but only a thimble full of ultra marketers like you know how to do it.


Lastly, you write as if you are talking to a well liked cousin ( we all have the ones we don't like!) who you want to see succeed. Very conversational and straight to the sweet spot style. Not a trace of GURU ego tripping fluff is contained.




Robert Blake, Philadelphia



"Beginners especially, but even experienced marketers will get plenty

of immediate profit generating

ideas from this book"


George makes a promise on the very first page to "keep things simple".


He keeps that promise.


He manages to cram in a remarkable amount of valuable step-by-step information that will actually help you "make money" online using free, or almost free, affiliate promotion and traffic generation techniques.


No long-winded dialogue here. Just concise, easily implemented techniques to boost your online earnings. Beginners especially, but even experienced marketers will get plenty of immediate profit generating ideas from this book.


And it's little more than a one hour read!


David Neehly



"The Yahoo section floored me"


George as usual, gets straight to it and so will I. What you get is three dozen pages of straight-up, no-nonsense, hard-hitting, easy-to-do, no-dough marketing techniques. The only cost here is your time.


Aimed at affiliates, but just as effective (maybe more) for your own products, George illustrates promotion methods designed with the no-budget marketer in mind. You may have heard or read about a couple of the techniques before, but he explains the steps necessary to implement the strategy so well, they seem new.


The Yahoo section floored me. It alone is worth the admission price. What a resource for market research! I didn't know it was even there. As marketers, we sometimes focus too much on Google, but what you have to offer on how to play Google is just icing on the cake.


Two thumbs up!


-ST Shipley






"This takes Affiliate marketing to the next level"


Simply Gorgeous, George!


This takes Affiliate marketing to the next level, opening doors that other products in this genre haven't even seen, revealing exciting and workable new techniques that will overpower your competition like it doesn't exist.


I particularly liked the technique on forum posting, which turns forums into your own personal high-powered money magnet.





"Step by step George Katsoudas will lay out exactly what you have to do to get quality traffic and get it fast."


Even the opening paragraph lets you know what you are in for. No 30 pages of introduction just get to the good stuff. And George does! I have a hard drive full of ebooks and marketing manuals and they do spend a vast amount of space talking about how great they are and that they will give you the key to success. The problem is they do not know what works, so they cannot give you that key.


This book will cut right to the heart of the matter. Go here and do this, go there and do that. Step by step George Katsoudas will lay out exactly what you have to do to get quality traffic and get it fast. You have to get good traffic if you are going to sell your product, whether it is yours or an affiliate product. They will not buy it if they do not know where to go. George will show you how to show them the way to your site.


George is very precise in his instructions and clearly lays out what to do even if you are a complete newbie. He sometimes is a little harsh in his delivery but you will get the point. That means you will get the traffic, if you do what he says.


Good job, George, you got a winner!


Randy Shepperd



"George says it as it is, no tricks, no gimmicks, he shows ways to do things, and it is up to you to decide

what you can work with"


George's e-book makes sense, it has a good collection of resources and information that will allow someone on a tight budget to make some money online.


It is not a "lazy man" tactic, it involves doing some work (and if you are expecting to make money online without doing any work let me tell you that you are embarking on a very expensive task).


George says it as it is, no tricks, no gimmicks, he shows ways to do things, and it is up to you to decide what you can work with. What I like the best is how George gives tips that will prevent you from wasting your time or doing things without a focus, that I think is very important when doing things online.


So in short, if you are looking for a get rich fast, no work required, make millions online technique... DO NOT GET THIS E-BOOK!


But if in the other hand you are serious about starting to make an income online with a very tight budget and with proven ways that work...then this E-Book is a must"


Nathan Romano



"Some of the ideas have made a lightbulb go off in my head and made me wonder why I did not think of these things first!"


This ebook is a no-fluff guide to getting cheap traffic. Some of the ideas have made a lightbulb go off in my head and made me wonder why I did not think of these things first! I especially found the tips on page 2 and 3 very valuable.


I love the way the book is written in a funny and humorous style - it has made me giggle quite a lot while reading, so different to some of the ebooks out there that bore you to tears. If you are new to internet marketing and you don't know where to start, this guide is a must have!


Joan Masterson



"I won't be using ALL of your "naughty" techniques, but there's a heap of "non-naughty" stuff that'll be really useful"


Thanks for letting me have a preview of your new ebook. It was a good read. I won't be using ALL of your "naughty" techniques, but there's a heap of "non-naughty" stuff that'll be really useful!


I learned a number of new things, like some new advertising techniques and resources, that I'll use asap. I'm sure that it'll help a lot of people who are starting out on a tight budget.


The section on Forum Marketing is nicely detailed and will especially help newbies to get started right.


Thanks again for letting me have a preview.


Michael Beauchamp



"If you would like to make money

online with a limited budget,

then George is your guy"


George's new manual is a page turner and I have to say it contains quite a few gems. The sections on Promoting Affiliate Products and Domain Selection have some great information with "out of the box" ideas and many people will benefit from it. If you would like to make money online with a limited budget, then George is your guy!


Frank Williams



"He tells how to really put the grinder into getting the most money and traffic"


In the last couple of years, I've read many marketing ebooks. I feel I have a grasp on what is good information and what is a waste of print and my time. So, when the opportunity to review Georges' new ebook came up, I wanted to see if it could stand the test.


He starts right off with getting into meat of the subject (points scored) and he doesn't let go! The techniques are beyond the "do this, then do that" available in a hundred other places. He tells how to really put the grinder into getting the most money and traffic. If you want to step it up a couple notches, then George will show you how. A keeper!


Jack Kinakin



"I've been doing this for over 4 years

now and I feel like a kid tonight"


I have to say with complete confidence that this is one of the best ebooks I've read this year. I always give a book a chance yet having in the back of my mind what is it that is new that I haven't tried yet. Well, you quickly re-arranged my thinking.


I had to read this awesome book several times. I didn't want to put it down. Your clear and to-the-point explanation on getting traffic to my websites is second to none.


You not only share how we should do it but the mistakes we should avoid that most others are making. I could literally go on and on but let me end with this thought.


There is now no reason that someone new in the Internet industry with no list or joint venture backing couldn't start making real money and then re-invest that money and build it into a full time business at home. I'm not wasting any time.


I've been doing this for over 4 years now and I feel like a kid tonight. I am starting to use your tips and will for all my online businesses.


Thanks again George.


Floyd Tapia



"Was amazed by some of the strategies that he was talking about"


I read Georges product with great interest and was amazed by some of the strategies that he was talking about. All too often you get the same old same old, rehashed information.


George has an individual way of writing and calls a spade a spade. Some of the interesting promoting strategies I will be trying out and hope to see them proved.


I will certainly be in line to promote this good luck George


Kate Pirie
Diamond Info Marketing



"Your book gave me some techniques that it would have taken me years to have found on my own"


I finished reading "Make Money on a Budget." I am a beginner and haven't started to market anything yet, but your book gave me some techniques that it would have taken me years to have found on my own.


In fact you made it sound simple enough that I am going to get started right away.










"Holy Toldeo!! That little secret you revealed is worth the price of

package right there"


First of all I want to give you a big THANK YOU!


What a grand slam of an ebook you put together here. I wish I had this a few years ago it would of helped and save me a lot of time and money.


I really like page 10-14 how you give code to help with affiliate marketing and redirecting your affiliate links. That is very helpful!


One more thing If I may, Where you talked about how to get on the first page of the serach engines for the best possible terms. Holy Toldeo!! that little secret you revealed is worth the price of package right there!


I have already put that powerful piece of information to work!

Thank you again George,


Tim B. Miller



"I have not read this tip anywhere else on the net and was very glad to get this information and put it right to work

for my website"


It was truly a pleasure being able to read your new ebook called "How To Make Money On A Budget." I was able to read it and put some of the tips you gave me within 20 minutes. I especially liked your tip on page 27. I actually never thought of doing that one!


I also implemented the "free how to traffic tip" on page 38. I did not read this tip anywhere else on the net and was very glad to get this information and put it right to work for my website. I enjoy reading all your ebooks but this ebook stands out above the rest!


Keep up the great work and thank you for your guidance.


Krystine Lewis



"Your methods are clearly defined, simple to follow"


I've been in business online for about 6 years teaching entry level marketing to beginners. I avoided affiliate marketing for years because I couldn't see a way to do it do build a residual income.


After reading Make Money - on a Budget!, I realized I could use your techniques in highly targeted niches to passively create sales using search engine traffic.


A couple of your tactics wouldn't work with search engine traffic but they are good for making sales using the resources you've given us.


Your methods are clearly defined, simple to follow and I think most beginners and intermediate marketers will learn something profitable from your manual if they're willing to act on the information.


Keep on providing usable information without fluff or hype.


Jerry McCoy



"No problem if YOU're targeting a niche in an other country"


The best thing with the report "Make Money On A Budget" is the technics - that George Revealed - can easily and quickly be used to MAKE REAL MONEY from my FRENCH site with the best traffic (only quality french people in that case).


No problem if YOU're targeting a niche in an other country, you can do the same and MAKE PROFIT with zero ads cost!


Stephane B. Guillemot - France



"Your “Make Money On a Budget is really inspiring"


Thanks for a great marketing material.


Your “Make Money On a Budget� is really inspiring. After reading many mediocre stuff that circulates endlessly on Net about how to do Internet business I got really moved by your book.


Some of techniques described are new to me and need exploring. And of course one can get strengthen by positive outlook you express there about future of Net marketing and its potential.


Together with emergence of new software, new sales concepts, new knowledge and continuing influx of new marketing experts daily, the Internet marketing gets very competitive and thus expects upgraded and perhaps unorthodox approach.


And of course point is scored here - that regardless of one’s budget anyone - that is newbies and professionals - can get easily equipped with powerful marketing tools of your system and get instantly successful.


Your book contributes exceptionally well in ongoing discussion on how to market properly and efficiently. Thanks very much and all the best in all your efforts on Net. Await new books from your domains…


Jan Dabrowski



"What a refreshing adventure the

reading of your book was"


And thank you for your ingenious eBook!


What a refreshing adventure the reading of your book was! Not at all written in the same old dull style we've been used to.


And when it was stuffed with useful methods and tips without all the BS, I just want to say CONGRATULATION George!


To every internet marketing fellow out there: "Go get this book ASAP! You'll get so many NEW ideas from every page that you'll be smiling from ear to ear all the way until the end!"


Ketil Sjavik



"He not only mentions techniques,

but also shows the details of

doing it yourself!"


George is rapidly gaining a reputation with us for providing powerful tips, techniques, and tricks not found elsewhere.


We particularly like the sections on Forum Marketing, Yahoo Answers, and How To Get On The First Page Of The Search Engines For The Best Possible Terms.


He not only mentions techniques, but also shows the details of doing it yourself!


Bryce H. Doster



"Are you kidding me . . . ! :-)"


I'll hand it to ya' my friend!

Once again you've proven that your a 'straight shooter'!

You're not afraid of a bit of controversy are you... !? :-)

No beatin' round the bush - simply tellin' like it is!

You've outlined some simple, yet highly effective strategies to making money online.

Just one of your strategies alone can increase profits by 7, 8, 9, 10 times or even more!

Incredible . . . !

You even have the 'guts' to request an increase in your affiliate commissions from merchants!

What . . . !?

Are you kidding me . . . !? :-)

I could keep 'venting' about how impressive these tactics are, but I won't! I'm sure there will be loads of people who will continue where I left off!

Great advice - excellent piece of work my friend!

Keep it up, I'll be the first in line to read your work. :-)


Eric V. Van Der Hop
Publisher and Editor - 'The Marketing Toolbook Ezine' Website:




As with everything I do and teach, there is work involved. If you still expect to grow your business by doing nothing then this course is not for you.


Let me stress... it is NOT hard!


Nothing In Internet Marketing is HARD.
So Please, Spare Me the “It's Too Hard” Speech
Because it Simply is Not True...

Everything can be broken down into manageable chunks and then pieced together like a jigsaw puzzle.



This Isn't For Everybody...

and It May Not Be for You!


I know what you're thinking... A lot of products have been designed for beginners, while a lot of them are for more advanced marketers, so which one is this?


I've designed this course so that everybody will benefit from it. Whether you're just getting started and don't even have a site up yet, or you're like me and have been around forever, you'll benefit from my knowledge.


Still, this product may not be for you...regardless of your level of marketing experience.


What I mean by that is...

It Won't Just Magically Add Money to Your Bank Account Simply by Having These Files on Your Computer....

Of course, if you're willing to do a little bit of work to get things going, this system is for you. And it's something that will change your life in a big way-- more money, more time, and more happiness.



I normally don't offer bonuses... but let's turn a new leaf today!


How about learning about the niche that brings in $900 week like clockwork?


"Steal My $900/Week Super Niche and Discover the Marketing Tactics That Can Instantly Transform You From Affiliate Failure Into SUPER Affiliate..."








"Get Instant Ready To Buy Traffic to Your Website Without Spending A Dime!"


Use These Simple, Unique and Little-Known Forum Marketing Techniques and Be In Profit in

Less Than 24 Hours







I won't say anything more to try to "convince you" to purchase this manual. If you have read the bullets and testimonials above, you understand that this is killer stuff. No mind-games as far as the price goes either.


Don't pass this up. I have included in this manual some stuff that I originally wanted to keep out of it. And there's no doubt in my mind that I will regret saying some of the things I mention in it (you'll understand why when you get your copy).


AffiliateRescue is of course 100% guaranteed.


I know this manual will knock your socks off - so I risk nothing by guaranteeing your success:



Make 20 Times Your Investment Back Within 60 Days or Less - or Owe Nothing!


I'll make my guarantee as simple as possible:


Get the manual. Go through it. Start implementing the simple tactics I explain. If you haven't made at least 20 times your investment back in the next 60 days, I will refund your money.


And, you can evaluate the manual and use the methods for 8 full weeks. If at any point you feel that it is not for you, I will refund all your money- and you can keep the manual for free!


Fair enough? I hope so.


It's Easy... Either it Works for
You or Your Money Back!


Again, all of the risk is on me. I allow you to try all of the information and if you don't like it, you get 100% of your money and the product to keep.


No hard feelings...





So.. you want to know what it will cost you to get access to AffiliateRescue?


Well.. for the time being...






YES! Give Me Immediate Access to Affiliate Rescue Now!



If You Do Nothing... You Get Nothing... Simple As That... Get Access Now:


After your transaction has been processed you will automatically be taken to our secure download area. No waiting, no delays - You get instant access to this product - 24 hours a day - 365 days a year!






See You On The Other Side!


To your online success,


Mary Gregory



Warning: Some of the methods in this guide are very controversial. Don't use at home unless supervised by a mature adult :-). Seriously, some of those who read the guide said these techniques are brilliant. Others said that they were just evil and that they wouldn't use some of them. Oh - and one last thing: If you think the "gurus" have told you everything about marketing online, don't bet your house on it...





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