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Irvin Schiff is Peter Schiff's father. Peter is a TV/Radio commentator on Economics. His father is in his 80s and dying from an Untreated Cancer due to being in Federal Prison for over 10years because he refused to Publish his latest book in 1999.  He is a NOW a Political Prisoner of our Government, "The New World Order".  Help to ask for his release!    The Book he was PLACED IN JAIL FOR PUBLISHING:  "Federal Mafia"  Also see his 1977 book, "The Biggest Con". 

See The Preachers Son-But The Streets Turned me Into a Gangster.  In the Gospel Circuit. Dated Whitney Houston as an 14 year old.Also wrote "Too Much Blood on My Gun."  Not in print at Amazon. Buy Amazon Book by Clicking Icons Below

Leo Zagami wrote the book, "Francis The Last Pope".Leo Zagami Interview on Infowars:See Interview Here 

Who is Leo Zagami?  He was born in Rome and a former 33 degree Mason. See this link: Click Here