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Blog Home > Current Events 
Published by: Mary Gregory 23-Apr-14
MSNBC Smears Bundy Supporters as


Well, it seems to be out in the open now.  The people running our USA government at the top are intent on characterizing  American citizens as Terrorists.  Actually, these are not all of our politicians, but are the Globalists, or big bankers who are in the UN (which we fund) and have plans on grabbing our land and controlling us. Top people in this administration and in others have gone along with this for quite some time, but it has intesified as late.  According to papers from the Clinton Library, Clinton's fear of the public finding out about the Globalist's plans is very real.  They try to debunk these stories by saying people who find this information are "Conspiracy Theorists".  

This land grabbing by the government is not just theory but has been well documented.  Many farmers have been forced out of business already over the years.  To control a people you need to control their food supply.  In the California valley recently several dams have been taken down and the water which the farmers once got is being divered into the ocean.  This is the location from which 70 to 80 % of our produce comes from, according to callers on the Laura Ingram show.  Now they are experiencing a government made drout. 

The Ranchers in Utah were all driven out.  Cliven Bundy, it seems is the only one left.  A federal judge rulled last year that the BLM (Beurough of Land Development) is acting as a terroristic group in trying to force Americans off of their rightful land.  The BLM has no jurisdiction in Utah.  The Sherif came to stand with Cliven Bundy.  All of a sudden the BLM makes up a tax they have to pay to drive the ranchers out of business.  Then they send an army with tanks out to kill their cattle, confine the people to 'free speach zones' and tell supporters they will be shot if they cross a line.  Indeed, some were tazered and thrown to the ground.  Even if the government was due some money, shouldn't this be handled through the courts?  Now it seems to be okay to send an army, complete with guns and tanks to intimidate and maybe kill Americans on their own land. This reminds me of Tiannamin square in China about 25 years ago.

The BLM also wants to take 90,000 acres along a Texas river.


If you ask me, Harry Reid is the terrorist and what he is doing is illegal.  (His son has a deal to sell thousands of acres in Utah to the Chinese which he denied on an MSNBC interview-or rather hemed and hawed-because the Bundy land was to be used as an easement).  This adminitration needs to be held accountable.  I used to, a long time ago, admire Hillary and Bill but now I see these people and this administation for what they are! Some of these politicains need to be investigated and maybe impeached and maybe put in jail for crimes against the American people.   

See more at infowars.com  4/22/2014 Alex Jones show    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eYVgcNAGZKU




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